ERC Digital launches to help small businesses receive US government tax incentives, teaming with big four accounting firms

Teams with Big Four accounting firms to create business-leading tax knowledge of the ERC process

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ERC Digital’s mission is to bring small businesses the same opportunities and resources as Fortune 500 companies

ERC Digital is a service empowering small businesses to receive United States government tax incentives to take full advantage of the US government tax incentives available for running and maintaining their businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. It teams up with Big Four accounting firms to create business-leading tax knowledge of the ERC process.

ERC Digital is the only organization of its form on the path to do so, as well as to work together with IRS technology partner Tax Status, fostering its mission to bring in small businesses the same opportunities and resources as Fortune 500 companies.

Initially formed as part of the CARES Act in 2020, the ERC Digital team is focused on maximizing the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for businesses with less than 50 employees. For qualified employers, the ERC offers up to $26,000 in tax credit refunds for each employee. This is the maximum credit per employee for the lifetime of the ERC. Unfortunately, many small businesses have yet to take advantage of this program owing to the complexity of the filing process.

The ERC Digital service streamlines the technique of getting employers tax relief. ERC Digital is helping advocate for small businesses across the country through deep expertise across key areas including how to navigate government processes, improving regulated filing efficiencies and now, the addition of partners and technology utilizations that offer deep-rooted industry awareness.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Currently, more so, they ought to have the capital that is available to them and benefit from industry-leading expertise like that offered by a Big Four accounting firm, said Michael Coghlan, Co-CEO of ERC Digital.

With ERC Digital, small businesses have a streamlined pathway to inspecting eligibility, planning their ERC filings, and tracking the filing all through a transparent and effective process, Coghlan said.

The team believes in the importance of small businesses and ensuring they have every advantage available to them to get the full refunds they ought to have through the Employee Retention Credit, said Chuck Hayes, SVP Revenue, Senior Vice President at Tax Status.

The team is proud to contribute their expertise and insight to ERC Digital and help make claiming ERC easier and more transparent for businesses everywhere.

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